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The Science of Serum


Hot Tub SERUM is based in natural science and was scientifically conceived

from other water-based industries. This knowledge has finally been applied to create this advanced formula line of spa chemicals.  Our spa chemicals were specifically designed to remedy the common causes of poor water care, the extraordinary effort it takes to maintain water quality, and the need for multiple chemicals. The “other guys” make a lot of money selling you cheap chemicals that are harsh and corrosive not to mention difficult to use. They feel making money is more important than providing effective solutions or investing in new research and development. They don’t like change. For them progress or investing in more healthy safe technology is not the answer in a commodities driven business model. That is why water care management programs for hot tubs haven’t changed for so long. SERUM Water Care’s philosophy is simple, you spent a lot of money to own a hot tub in order to be able to relax and re-energize your body and mind. You didn’t sign on for a part time job using cheap and inferior products that don’t work well.


The current water care products sold today that would truly get a hot tub clean and keep it clean was not available in our industry as it is in other industries. Deciding it was time to make a product that truly helped to keep hot tub water clean and fresh led us to bring this new technology product into the market. We knew there was a cure for what ails hot tubs and their owners who are experiencing poor hot tub water quality. We understood the root cause of the problem of hot tub water, so we worked diligently to develop the formulation for a biologic water management system for hot tubs. Thus creating Hot Tub SERUM, by SERUM Watercare LLC.

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How Our Natural Hot Tub Cleaner SERUM Works…

This innovative, unmatched and revolutionary natural hot tub cleaner is designed to be able to clean out your hot tub pipes and plumbing before you drain. When your hot tub is empty our product will help you clean your hot tub acrylic and jet surfaces. Once you refill your hot tub you apply a small amount of Hot Tub SERUM Total Maintenance weekly to maintain your hot tub’s surfaces, pipes and plumbing spotless for the next 6 months (till you need to drain and refill again and repurchase our product and repeat the application). Within minutes of the first application of Hot Tub SERUM Cleanse you will see the difference. Just watch how much gunk you will pull out of your existing water. You won’t believe your eyes and the fact that you were bathing in all that gunk.

The Hot Tub SERUM Total Cleanse is formulated with advanced natural cleaners that will super clean your hot tub, all interior surfaces and ready your hot tub water for the next 6 months. This exceptional water quality you just created with Hot Tub SERUM Cleanse can be maintained with a weekly dosage of Hot Tub SERUM Total Maintenance. The formula behind Hot Tub SERUM Total Maintenance makes your current recognized and approved sanitizer super effective at its job of killing the biologics in your hot tub water. The cleaning action of Hot Tub SERUM Total Maintenance disperses bacteria in water so that the sanitizer you use to add in your hot tub in the water can kill the microbes more efficiently. Hot Tub SERUM Total Clean System doesn’t let slime and/or sludge deposits build-up that hamper your hot tub’s performance and water quality. Try it for yourself and you will see the benefits of SERUM and love the time you save!