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Pool Serum

Serum Total Maintenance WaterCare

Imagine an environmentally friendly, easy to use gel that you simply add to your pool once per month.

The science behind this chemical clinically shows superiority to many other products in its category. To our knowledge, there is no other product like this. This is a very concentrated gel that works quickly and efficiently at doing many beneficial jobs in the maintenance area.

We guarantee without a doubt that users will experience the clearest and healthiest water they have ever seen or have swam in. Users can reduce the amount of chlorine or sanitizer they presently use as the Pool Serum Maintenance synergizes with their present chemical program to make it more efficient. Great for salt water systems too. You can turn your salt system production down so the electrolytic cell will last longer. Calcification and other scaling on the cell plates will be reduced as the Pool Serum will keep them cleaner. We guarantee it!

The Benefits of Using Pool SERUM Maintenance

Bio-Cleaner & Clarifier:
  • Replaces the need for algaecides & clarifiers
  • Filter and plumbing lines stay whistle clean
  • Salt generator cells last longer (you can decrease the production level with Pool SERUM )
  • Less red eye and green hair syndrome
  • Liners will last longer and remain supple (Don’tt dry out as fast)
  • Aggregate surfaces will be smootherwith less calcium barnacles.
  • Heater, heat pump & solar systems will last longer due to lower sanitizer levels
  • Pool cleaners have less particulates to capture lowering turbidity levels

Bottom line is this you will…

Save Money on Electricity. Save Money on Chemicals, Have Cleaner, Clearer, Healthier, Softer Pool Water All the Time!