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how to care for a hot tub

How to Care for a Hot Tub – A Beginner’s Guide

You love soaking in your hot tub, and you’re looking forward to many years of enjoying your favorite “me time.” But, when it comes to figuring out how to care for a hot tub, you may be at an overwhelming wit’s end. In reality, learning how to care for a hot tub is easier now than ever!

Recent technological advances in hot tub water care (and a helpful checklist) help you find confidence in knowing that taking care of your hot tub isn’t all that bad, or overwhelming.

Like your pool, you should fill your hot tub with water that’s clear and bright. Keeping your hot tub sparkling clean will keep it sanitary, working, and ready to use! Hot water is the perfect percolator for germs of all kinds, so it is especially important to keep it clean. To go from “cloudy and grimy” to “crystal clear,” follow these tips to get that hot tub sparkling in no time.

Start at the Top

Whoa, not so fast! Before cleaning the water itself, start with removing the hot tub cover. While hot tub covers are great for protecting your tub from the elements, you have to keep your cover clean as well! After all, your hot tub cover is exposed to UV rays, dirt, and more.

Start by hosing down the cover and using a mild, natural soap. Apply the cleaner with a soft cloth or a sponge. Scrub gently to remove stains. Try not to use chemicals on the hot tub cover, (especially on the inside) as it may disrupt the pH balance of your tub. Don’t use bleach or abrasive cleansers. (Pro Tip: Use a bit of Hot Tub SERUM Total Maintenance on the cover before/after treating your water!)

After gently scrubbing the hot tub cover, take care to rinse the cover completely. Leaving cleaning products on the cover could alter your water chemistry and cause algae buildup. 

Do a Deep Cleaning Dive

Now that the cover is clean, let’s dive in! Even if your sanitizing levels are spot on, you may see that your hot tub can develop a biofilm. To break down the stubborn biofilm and deep cleanse the water – use a hot tub purge product like Hot Tub Serum Total Cleanse.

Hot tub purge products definitely live up to their name. In fact, this powerful purge sends an alarming amount of foamy junk, gunk, and grime to the surface of the water. It can even remove serious problems like white mold, legionella, and E. coli. But, don’t take it from us. Take it from the Hot Tub Serum Total Cleanse users themselves!

“Use as directed, stand back, and watch the brown foam form. You’ll be amazed.” – CDM, Amazon Review

“I put this stuff in during [the] first water change and boy you would be amazed [at] the gunk that came out of the interior piping. Water was crystal clear.” – Michael, Amazon Review

Keep Your Balance

Ready… set… maintain! Once you purge your hot tub, commit to regular maintenance of the tub. This might be the most important step because it is always better to prevent issues than to correct them. To keep your hot tub’s water balanced, use a Hot Tub Maintenance product.

For easy and simple maintenance, we recommend a product like Hot Tub Serum Total Maintenance Liquid. Available in a 16-ounce or one-liter size, this powerful liquid safely removes biofilm, sludge, and bacteria.

Don’t Forget the Filters

Sometimes, it’s the hidden elements that get left behind when learning how to care for your hot tub. Don’t forget the hot tub filters! It’s important to note that the type of filter you choose will have an impact on what cleaning option is best for you. We recommend reading the instructions for your specific filter or visiting their website.

If that is not an option, you can also use a bit of your weekly hot tub cleanser! Fill a large bucket to the brim with water, mix with cleanser, submerge the filter, let soak for 24 hours, and rinse.

If you find that your filter is still filthy after cleansing, it may be time to buy a new filter. Next time, you may want to make a note to clean your filters more often!

Keep It Clean with a Routine

Now that you know how to care for a hot tub, keep it fresh with a regular cleaning routine:

  • Daily: Check the cover for signs of dirt or damage
  • Three times per week: Check chemical and sanitizer levels
  • Every two weeks: Clean the filters
  • Once per month: Clean the tub cover
  • Every three to four months: Drain the tub and clean it completely

Serum Products Are the Natural Solution

For a solution that leaves you saying, “Oooh, aaah” (while admiring sparkling water) consider SERUM Hot Tub Watercare. If you want to know how to care for your hot tub without the overwhelm, this product is a must! We are a one-stop-shop for hot tub cleaning products, and our products are available at a hot tub retailer near you or on Amazon.

When it comes to learning how to care for a hot tub, let the power of SERUM Hot Tub Watercare keep your hot tub sparkling clean.