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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Hot Tub Serum? What’s in it?

Hot Tub Serum is a laboratory-formulated blend of water cleaning agents and salts that helps maintain and balance hot tub and spa water. This minimizes the need to test and adjust individual water characteristics and chemicals in the spa. This is a process which most people dislike and have difficulty with and is a key draw back from ownership in many people’s eyes. Hot Tub Serum utilizes a specific combination of natural ingredients, which act to treat the spa and the plumbing, protecting the hot tub and extending life to hot tub components like heaters, jets and pumps.

2. How does Hot Tub Serum work? Cause vs. Effect

THE CAUSE – Hot Tub Serum works by reducing the surface tension of the water, making it very difficult for bacteria to attach to a substrate and form the protective slime around themselves called Biofilm. (Biofilm is highly immune to chlorine and protects a bacterial colony so it can grow as well as acting as a food collecting system). The Hot Tub Serum process works by also removing the food sources from the water that bacteria feed on in order to live and multiply. The result when you use Hot Tub Serum in your spa or hot tub the result is clear, fresh smelling water with a soft, silky, non-irritating feel and little or no bacterial content in the water.

3. Will Hot Tub Serum sanitize the water in my hot tub or spa?

No, however it does contain mitigating agents that help keep water clean and minimize bacterial growth. THE EFFECT Hot Tub Serum eliminates the opportunity for bacteria to get a foothold in the first place and breaks the cycle of bacteria build up thus minimizing risk of foul water.

4. So, I still need to use a sanitizer in my hot tub or spa, right?

Yes, as instructions indicate the regular use of an enhanced shock or MPS after bathing eliminates the body wastes being left in the water like sweat, skin, hair, body lotions, dust, etc. that act as food for bacteria.  Hot Tub Serum does not eliminate these.  If you do not have ozone or also use a mineral Ion cartridge, we recommend the use of a weekly dose of enhanced shock granules as an additional safety measure.

5. Will Hot tub Serum help my spa in any other way?

Yes, the weekly use of Hot Tub Serum Liquid will also eliminate bacteria from the underside of your cover by the condensation created in your spa.By eliminating the growth of bacteria on the underside of the cover the brown or black spotting will disappear and the cover will not have a foul odor keeping it clean and fresh.No other sanitizer or enzyme product has any effect on the cover.

6. What is the difference between Hot Tub Serum and an enzyme product?

By adding enzymes to your spa you are attacking the biofilm and bacteria that already exists in the spa, enzymes are nothing more than a band aid trying to cure a problem that already exists.Hot tub Serum eliminates the problem in the first place, so there is no biofilm forming in the spa.

7. What are the benefits of Hot Tub Serum?

The biggest benefit of Hot Tub Serum in your spa is the inability of bacteria to gain control of your spa. It also eliminates on average 15 minutes week you usually spend measuring adding and testing various products. This amounts to 13 hours over a year.It eliminates having to buy and think about all of the additional balancing products. It’s simple to use. The peace of mind from knowing your hot tub water is always perfectly balanced is enormous.Another major benefit is the elimination of foul smells and chemical odors in the water and the resulting residual smell left on the skin. Many people don’t like to use a spa frequently for this very reason.Lastly, the good bacteria on the skin is not affected by Hot Tub Serum the natural oils are maintained and there is no dry, itchy feeling after leaving the spa. It’s proven safe for those who suffer from psoriasis. This benefit alone has enabled thousands of hot tub owners to use their spas again.

8. Is Hot Tub Serum safe?

Hot Tub Serum meets all U.S. and international standards for safety and reliability when used as directed.

9. Is Hot Tub Serum expensive to use? VALUE vs. PRICE

Think about why you purchased a spa in the first place. You want to relax and unwind and not have to hassle with water care (Value). Spa use is related to the relaxation factor and condition of the water. Itchy skin, bad smells, cloudy water all make spa use unsatisfying. And, many people find the time and frustration so great that they give up using their spa altogether.

So is it expensive? No, not if someone can’t use your spa because of skin irritation or foul water. Over dosing the hot tub with chemicals to control the bacteria means dealing with skin dryness and/or itch, rash will ultimately will cause you to give up their spa (THE PRICE) and the cost of your investment.

Now consider that nearly 80% of all spa owners feel that maintenance time and the frustration of water chemistry is a key factor to owning a spa or hot tub. If you want to have value and a great water experience with no maintenance hassles they need to be using Hot Tub Serum.

10. Does the product have a guarantee?

If the product doesn’t work to keep your customers water clean, clear and smelling good, if their skin doesn’t feel soft and smooth without itching or flaking after using their hot tub. They can return it for a FULL REFUND