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Your customers will love the benefits of using Serum on their hot tubs. Cleaning and maintenance has never been easier than it is with Serum. Our hot tub chemicals make maintaining hot tub pipes and plumbing a breeze. Do you have an influx of customers complaining about how difficult it is to maintain their hot tub? Serum is the answer!


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HOT TUB SERUM TOTAL MAINTENANCE HAS RECENTLY BEEN GRANTED EPA REGISTRATION. EPA REGISTRATION IS SIGNIFICANT IN THAT THE US GOVERNMENT HAS REVIEWED THE SCIENCE BEHIND THIS BIOCIDAL FORMULATION AND HAS CONCURRED THAT IT IS EFFECTIVE FOR IT'S INTENDED PURPOSE AND POSES NO SIGNIFICANT RISK TO HUMANS OR THE ENVIRONMENT WHEN USED AND HANDLED AS SPECIFIED ON THE LABEL. This unique formulation has been scientifically blended in an effort to support recreational water clarity and to reduce any bacteriological activity that can cause fouling in the plumbing and jets, surface staining, deodorization and an overall ability to decrease the amount of sanitizer needed to promote healthy hot tub water quality. Hot Tub Serum Total Maintenance is the only EPA Registered "TGAI" technical grade active ingredients product that is marketed as a hot tub water enhancer. Compare Hot Tub Serum to other widely sold hot tub maintenance products and ask if they are EPA registered. Our ingredients are always spot on. We blend and package this product in an EPA approved area where we must maintain EPA Compliance at all times. Your health and the quality of your hot tub water is always #1 for our company.

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