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Introducing a NEW Smaller Size 16oz. Bottle for Hot Tub Chemicals SERUM Total Maintenance Water Care

Making it even easier for you to try our product, all you need to do is talk to the nearest Hot Tub SERUM Dealer today to get your 16oz. trial size bottle of SERUM Total Maintenance Water Care, an innovative new line of hot tub chemicals.

Hot Tub SERUM Total Maintenance is part of a total cleaning system that consists of two steps. Hot Tub SERUM Total Clean System cures water care issues that plague hot tubs by preventing recurring build-up of bio-matter and sludge. If you have these water care issues that never seem to go away, you need the Hot Tub SERUM Total Clean System. Give us a try we won’t disappoint.

Our dealers will tell you we are the best and fastest way to clean your hot tub operating at its best. Our hot tub chemicals will keep your spa water clean, crystal clear and make the sanitizers you use work to their maximum. Hot Tub SERUM Total Clean System will also cut the time you spend on cleaning your hot tub use it on your Hot Tub Cover and Filter cartridges too.

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Your search for the cure to suffering through hot tub water care has ended.

You will no longer need to have a science degree or take on your hot tub water care as a part time job. You are here on our site probably because your local Hot Tub Serum retailer has wisely advised you to look into trying this innovative new technology because they have seen how wonderful the results are. You’re here because you need to change the way you take care of your hot tub water. You’re here because you are not happy with the so-called ease of managing your hot tub. You are in need of a change that will provide better water with less effort, less issues and you want to use an all-natural, non-toxic product.

Are you a hot tub dealer?

Are looking for an easy way to keep your customers hot tubs clean and clear? Are you looking for a way to provide a product to your customers that will really cure their water problems? If you want to increase your chemical and your service offerings using the Hot Tub SERUM Total WaterCare System then act now and…


HOT TUB SERUM TOTAL MAINTENANCE HAS RECENTLY BEEN GRANTED EPA REGISTRATION. EPA REGISTRATION IS SIGNIFICANT IN THAT THE US GOVERNMENT HAS REVIEWED THE SCIENCE BEHIND THIS BIOCIDAL FORMULATION AND HAS CONCURRED THAT IT IS EFFECTIVE FOR IT'S INTENDED PURPOSE AND POSES NO SIGNIFICANT RISK TO HUMANS OR THE ENVIRONMENT WHEN USED AND HANDLED AS SPECIFIED ON THE LABEL. This unique formulation has been scientifically blended in an effort to support recreational water clarity and to reduce any bacteriological activity that can cause fouling in the plumbing and jets, surface staining, deodorization and an overall ability to decrease the amount of sanitizer needed to promote healthy hot tub water quality. Hot Tub Serum Total Maintenance is the only EPA Registered "TGAI" technical grade active ingredients product that is marketed as a hot tub water enhancer. Compare Hot Tub Serum to other widely sold hot tub maintenance products and ask if they are EPA registered. Our ingredients are always spot on. We blend and package this product in an EPA approved area where we must maintain EPA Compliance at all times. Your health and the quality of your hot tub water is always #1 for our company.

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